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How to Place Widgets on WordPress

June 3, 2010 1 comment



For those of you who only learned to wordpress, or for those of you that is still less understanding about the wordpress blog. Maybe for some people consider this trivial article, but for people who are just learning to make blog and just knew would seem difficult to understand. In principle I am eager to guide you in difficulty, such as when we first made this blog I also experienced the same thing. Immediately, we discuss how to add widgets in the sidebar of wordpress.

For that please refer to the following guidelines:

  • Login to your wordpress dashboard pages
  • Look at the left of the Appearance menu –> select Widget
  • On the new display see Avaliable Widgets, you can view a list of widgets such as (Pages, Calendar, Archive, Links, Meta, Search, Recents Post, Tag Clouds, Categories, Recent Comments and Text).
  • Select a widget to be added, in this case as an example is the text, then drag it to the sidebar to the right column.
  • Write a title that will ditampilan in wordpress pages later, the following html code to be added to the input box below the title. Click save to Save.
  • The process has been completed to add a new widget. You can add other widgets as you wish.

I hope can help

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How To Remove Uncategorized at

June 3, 2010 Leave a comment



This the first time in a blog on WordPress, there must have been posting content with the title “Hello World” with her and comment on in Uncategorized. How do I remove these Uncategorized on WordPress, for those of you who want the category deleted, just follow the instructions below.

  • Login to your wordpress blog dashboard.
  • Go to menu Settings -> Writting -> Default Post Category -> Change the default categories -> (Uncategorized) by categories others, of course categories and once you have created.
  • Click the “Save Changes”
  • The next step is to go back to the Post-> Categories-> locate and delete the category “Uncategorized”.
  • Finish

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June 3, 2010 1 comment vs vs and, so many people are confused about the difference between and, even early in the making of this blog I am also confused. Because of my
curiosity and desire to learn to blog on WordPress. In this article I’ll review what the advantages and disadvantages of each and will cover a few things about the differences of both. Basically WordPress is blogging software that open source. managed by the same few people who work in WordPress, is hosting and management taken care of by the Automattic WordPress team. With the same system at you can also have software which you can download WordPress at, you must install the software on your own server or a 3rd party provider. is a free software and free blogs. With, you can install themes and plugins, run ads, edit data and even modify the PHP source code. is the website home of the free wordpress software. Anyone can download software for free, but must be installed on a web server before you blog online. Web servers are usually not free, hosting his own. WordPress software can be fun and rewarding, but also places full responsibility on the blogger. If you’re one choose hosting your Web server, you can lose your entire blog! Read more…

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