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SEO techniques with wordpress

June 3, 2010 4 comments

SEO Techniques

SEO Techniques

Techniques SEO (Search Engine Optimization) should be the attention of the WordPress bloggers who want to increase traffic to their WordPress blogs. WordPress SEO can help to improve search engine ranking on a WordPress blog. you can succeed if you have quality content. SEO quality content is the best element in trying to optimize a blog.

This article will provide valuable information for anyone who wants to start a blog using WordPress and want to optimize WordPress with simple tips using Search Engine Optimization techniques. This posting will focus the discussion on SEO techniques called optimization page. Basically, Search Engine Optimization page will notify search engines about the topic of WordPress blogs that want ranked higher in search engines for a particular keyword.

Why Use WordPress?

WordPress is very easy to use and provides a variety of templates and plugins, and offers many features to support a good blogger. One plugin that is very good on page optimization is the All-in-one SEO plugin. By using this plugin loe can edit / add niche keywords and meta tags on your WordPress blog.

How To Increase WordPress Blog SEO Technique page?

There are three main keys to optimize a WordPress blog pages using optimization techniques. After you finish installing the All-in-one SEO plugin, then you should edit the blog as explained below:

Keywords: To optimize a WordPress blog, you must put the keyword phrases in various specific locations in your blog.

Meta Tags: Meta tags contain three main components:

  1. Meta Keywords: Meta Keywords should contain targeted keywords and have relevance to the topic of the blog.
  2. Meta Title: Create a short title for the blog lye. Avoid using a title that is not important and does not have any relevance with the keyword-targeted, although only the word “or” or “and”.
  3. Meta Description: Meta Description should contain all the keywords contained in the Meta Keywords.

Content: Make sure the content in the posts / articles you containing 3% – 8%, the main keyword.

Web crawlers usually discover pages from links within your site / blog and from your site / blog stated. WordPress Plugins robust as Google xml sitemaps plugin helps to generate / create a search engine friendly sitemap for your blog loe. This plugin will provide additional information about a site / blog loe to Google and will facilitate the spiders to crawl your way. Usahkan your blog URL so that each search engine friendly by doing a little configuration on the WordPress dashboard, then click “settings” then “permalinks” and select “custom structure” and then fill with /% category% /% postname% /.

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