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WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

Wordpress.org vs WordPress.com

Wordpress.org vs WordPress.com

WordPress.org and WordPress.com, so many people are confused about the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com, even early in the making of this blog I am also confused. Because of my
curiosity and desire to learn to blog on WordPress. In this article I’ll review what the advantages and disadvantages of each and will cover a few things about the differences of both. Basically WordPress is blogging software that open source.
WordPress.com managed by the same few people who work in WordPress, WordPress.com is hosting and management taken care of by the Automattic WordPress team. With the same system at WordPress.com you can also have software which you can download WordPress at WordPress.org, you must install the WordPress.org software on your own server or a 3rd party provider.


WordPress.org is a free software and free blogs. With WordPress.org, you can install themes and plugins, run ads, edit data and even modify the PHP source code. WordPress.org is the website home of the free wordpress software. Anyone can download software for free, but must be installed on a web server before you blog online. Web servers are usually not free, hosting his own. WordPress software can be fun and rewarding, but also places full responsibility on the blogger. If you’re one choose hosting your Web server, you can lose your entire blog!

Excess :

  1. Ability to upload themes
  2. Ability to upload plugins
  3. Many communities
  4. Equipped with controls to change the code if you understand the technical

Weakness :

  1. Need a good web hosting, which typically cost $ 7-12 per month, or thousands of dollars per month for the level of site traffic
  2. Require more technical knowledge to create and run
  3. You are responsible for stopping spam
  4. You have to handle backups
  5. You need to upgrade software manually when a new version came out (with WordPress 2.7 that there is now automatically update mechansim)
  6. If you get a lot of traffic on the spike (such as Digg or Slashdot) your site will probably go down unless you have a strong setup hosting.


With WordPress.com, you do not need to download software, or pay to manage web hosting server. When you register for a WordPress.com blog, you’ll get a URL like “masenno.wordpress.com” You do not control the software or databases; shell and FTP access is not included. WordPress.com based multi-user version of the software which does not allow uploading PHP theme or plugin (although many popular plugins built into WordPress.com) No cost, WordPress.com provides web hosting, unlimited database of storage with redundancy and backups, automatic software upgrade , community support forums, multi-language and themes of administration, real-time traffic statistics, tracking comments, ratings and blog posts and other features not available anywhere else. These features will always be free to start a blog at WordPress.com

Excess :

  1. Free and easy to setup
  2. All managed care wordpress.com: setup, upgrades, backups, security, etc.
  3. Your blog on hundreds of servers, so it is not likely to go down because of traffic
  4. Your post was supported automatically
  5. You get additional traffic from the blog of the day and tag
  6. You can find like other bloggers using the tag surfer and friend
  7. Your login is secure (SSL), so no one can get into your account if you’re using wifi

Weakness :

  1. We provide the 70 themes (and adding every day) that you can modify and edit the CSS, but you can not edit a theme in a custom theme.
  2. You can not hack the PHP code behind your blog
  3. You can not insert the javascript code / ads.

* If you want to have more features and capabilities from wordpress.com you can upgrade by paying.

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